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  • Building nests to attract Phoenix
  • Agreement unit recruitment
  • Employees of the agreement company can enjoy preferential services with their work cards as follows:
    (1) Annual VIP discount: 8.8% discount for dishes (except for pot bottom, wine and self-service sauce) when dining in the restaurant;
    (2) Employee's birthday (with ID card) on any Tuesday within the month can enjoy 6.8% discount (except for pot bottom, wine and self-service sauce);
    (3) Mystery customers get new product tasting or gift giving every month;
    (4) Dining in the restaurant is a priority.
  • The above preferential contents are only for the use of the agreement units
    Xiamen guzhiwei catering chain Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret the temporary change of this preferential activity within the scope of legal permission
    Recruitment Contact: Tel: 0592-5219292-165 email: [email   protected]