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At the same time of enterprise development, guzhiwei also pays attention to the growth of every employee. It has always attached great importance to the construction of enterprise management, corporate culture and employee welfare. It regards "continuously improving the double satisfaction of customers and employees" as the enterprise spirit, and advocates the business philosophy of "morality, thinking, diligence, sincerity and prudence", and constantly improves the working and living conditions of employees, Pay attention to the protection of employees' legitimate rights and interests and the improvement of welfare.
The success and development of bone flavor is not only because we always regard "product quality" and "customer service" as the foundation of an enterprise. We use the spirit of squirrels, beavers, wild geese to do the cause of common good culture, the pursuit of a valuable life!

Our mission:
--Carry forward: healthy, delicious and happy "Chinese traditional hotpot culture"

Our vision:
--The first hot pot brand of healthy and delicious
--Catering enterprises with the highest happiness index
--A successful and sustainable business

Goals for the next six years:
--We're going to open more than 200 profitable restaurants
--We want to create more than 6000 jobs
--We need to continue to innovate and develop more than 50 kinds of brand-new specialty food
--We should have the courage to try to establish a completely independent logistics distribution platform

Our core competitiveness:
--The best taste product characterized by "stronger soup"