Taste of bone in winter 2013!
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           Time flies, and the year is coming to an end. Bone flavor also ushered in the last new product launch in 2013. In the cold winter, sitting around the hot pot with family and friends, tasting dishes and chatting is the most comfortable thing. Taste of bone in this winter, also try More changes, in order to bring you more different delicious enjoyment.

Yellow croaker with bean flavor
     Yellow croaker is rich in protein, trace elements and vitamins, which has a very good tonic effect on the human body. Eating yellow croaker will receive a good therapeutic effect. Kidney bean is a kind of food with high potassium, high magnesium and low sodium. They are salted with special soy sauce seasoning. They taste fresh and sweet, and are loved by children and old people.

[genuine ginseng shell]
    Ginseng scallop is a scallop lip (a kind of scallop's retractor muscle, white, very fleshy; The other is the meat around the adductor muscle, which is red and very soft. Usually, the meat in scallop only takes the muscle as the food material, while the red meat around is discarded) as the raw material. Scallop is a very popular shellfish food in both eastern and Western recipes. Ginseng shell has the effect of tonifying blood and promoting viscera. The ginseng shell salted with special seasoning has sour and spicy taste and good appetizing effect. It is a very delicious and nutritious appetizer.

[excellent fish roll]
     Select the delicious deep-sea fish with low-fat and high protein, toss the fish into pieces of thin cicada like meat slices, which will melt in the mouth, and the meat is fresh, sweet and delicate.

High calcium mutton
     High calcium mutton is made of super grade lamb. Each piece of meat has crispy bone. It is not only delicious but also full of flavor. If you chew it in your mouth, you can taste the peculiar taste of bone and meat